My name is Meika, and I am a medium, intuitive empath, and energy healer.   I believe that we are all here on Earth to fulfill our divine purpose.  I can help you connect with Spirit,  discover your purpose and assist with releasing any blocks or issues that may be holding you back from fully living your best life possible.

 I am able to connect you  with loved ones who have crossed over.  They are here wanting to communicate with you and give you messages and guidance .  I also use my empathic  abilities to detect energy blocks within your body that may be from past and present lifetimes.

 I believe that everyone is a medium to a certain extent.  The more connected we get to our soul and the spirit guides around us, the easier it becomes to clearly see our divine purpose.

Since I was a little girl, I was aware of spirits around me.  I was also hyper-aware of how other people were feeling.  As I got older,  this sensitivity turned into painful anxiety because I had no idea how to work with my abilities.  

Living a life filled with anxiety is not what I wanted for myself. This lead me to deep self-exploration. I returned to school and obtained a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology.  It is through this work that I was able to reconnect with myself and Spirit and begin to heal. I learned about the chakra system and how to work with energy.  I studied the art of Reiki.

This healing process lead me to discover other parts of myself too.  I soon began working with children with special needs and completed a second M.A. in Early Childhood Special Education. These beautiful children taught me so much.  It is through them that I really began to discover the gifts of empathy and how to read people on a soul level.  

 Recently, I took a class from an incredible teacher and suddenly a whole world opened up for me.  I realized that I can connect with people's loved ones who have crossed over, and be a channel for their messages. I have learned to communicate with my spirit guides as well. They help me to see energy blocks in people that have been created in this life as well as past lives.  I work with my guides to help people release those blocks and move forward with their lives.  

I am so grateful and inspired by this newfound spiritual work and love sharing these blessings with others.  It is a profound honor to work with people and help them find connection, healing and  divine purpose.