List of Services:

Spirit Reading (phone, zoom, or in-person): 50 minutes $95

A Spirit Reading is for people who would like to connect with a passed loved one.  During this reading, we will connect with your loved one and deliver evidence that it is, in fact, them.  You will get to hear their messages of love, healing and guidance.


Life Reading (phone, zoom. or in-person): 50 minutes $95

During a Life Reading, you will receive guidance about your life's path.  We will look at the areas of your life (career, money, love, relationships, health) where you may feel stuck or need some guidance and help you to transform those areas so that you are living more fully in alignment with your life's purpose.

Spirit & Life Reading (phone, zoom. or in-person): 75 minutes $155

During our reading, I act as a messenger from the Divine to you, connecting you to passed loved ones, Angels and Spirit Guides. Each session is customized to your individual needs. The session offers healing, guidance and direction in any area of your life.

Individual Energy Healing: 1 hr. session (in person) $95

 During this healing session, I will work with your spirit guides to help release any blockages within your body/chakra system so that you can live your best life! I use Reiki, crystals, sound and spirit to release the blocks that you are experiencing. You will leave feeling lighter, more balanced, clear, calm and connected.